Discarded fiber glass boats are becoming an environmental problem. Today, the glass fiber boats are milled and burned or disposed at a landfill. Or worst case – sunken in the ocean.

In a feasibility study we investigated sustainable processes for destruction, recycling and reuse of the boats. Based on these results, No Waste! will lead a project in order to establish a demonstration site at Tofte – for receiving, processing and recycling glass fiber boats. This will be the starting point for creating a sustainable business and jobs.

Partners in the project are Lindum Oredalen, Ecofiber Recycling, Hurum Plastindustri, Grundvik Marina, Fjorden Ren/NAV and Røyken municipality.The project is co-funded by the County Council of Buskerud with 1 MNOK, and to be completed in 2020. Project Manager: Pål Hernes