The business network “No Waste! Food Circle” is going to develop and market products and solutions for a sustainable food production, based on food waste/organic waste and circular business models. The biogas plant and pilot greenhouse at The Magic Factory (TMF) will be a joint arena for innovation projects and activities.

The biogas plant receives food waste from 1.2 million inhabitants, and manure collected from regional farms. The plant produces biogas as well as residual products that are upgraded to valuable resources used in food production both in the pilot greenhouse and in the fields. The pilot green house is based on a unique closed concept using 80 % less water and energy than traditional greenhouses. In addition, it captures carbon from the biogas plant, in order to boost plant production (green carbon capture).

Two projects that the network is going to realize, are an urban greenhouse concept and a large-scale industrial greenhouse concept, both based on the technology from the pilot greenhouse. In addition, it will focus on developing soil-enhancing products and bio-fertilizers.

Working together in a business network will increase the companies’ joint access to knowledge, resources and markets. Thus, enabling them to strengthen their potential for green growth and value creation. Reklima AS is administrating the business network on behalf of the companies:

– Aqwa AS
– BBBL Solutions AS
– Greve Biogass AS
– Lindum AS
– Noranergy AS
– N2 applied AS
– Reklima AS
– Scanship AS
– SmartTekEnergy AS
– Vesar AS

The business network is part Innovation Norways cluster program, and has received NOK 750.000, – in financing for the first year (until March 2021), with the possibility of extending the support for 2 more years. 

Contact persons: Bjørnar Bjelland/Reklima or Tina Wågønes/No Waste!