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Removal of plastics in biofertilizer

Reklima has been granted 2,4 MNOK from “Regionalt forskningsfond Vestfold and Telemark”, for developing methods for removing visible plastic residues from the biofertilizer.
Foto: Ida Guterud, Lindum

Biochar pilot plant

A circular Kinder egg for treatment of problem waste, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and a more sustainable agriculture.
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No Waste! Food Circle

The business network is developing and marketing circular products and solutions for a more sustainable food production.
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The Magic Factory

Circular economy in practice. Organic waste converted to biogas and circular by-products together with green carbon capture.
Fruit and plastic packaging

PacKnoPlast - sustainable food packaging

Plastic should only be used as part of a food product packaging system where it is proven the most environmentally preferable option relating to climate effects and plastic littering, based on packaging functions required to minimize food waste.
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Regional Centre for marine littering - plastics

Asker aims to be a litter free municipality, also with respect to marine littering and plastic waste. Together with No Waste! and Mepex, Asker is leading a project in order to investigate the possibility of creating a regional centre for marine littering.
2 plastic boasts dumped at the quay

Recycling of fiberglass boats

Discarded plastic boats are a global environmental problem, in addition to being an unused resource in the circular economy.
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By-products from King Crab

Today, only 60 % of the King Crab is used as a food resource. 40 % is regarded as waste and is dumped into the sea.