The business network “No Waste! Food Circle”

The business network “No Waste! Food Circle” will develop innovative technology and solutions in order to increase the global food production in a sustainable way.

The partners are all engaged in projects and activities at “The Magic Factory” in Tønsberg, which is much more than just a biogas plant. The plant recycles food waste and manure into biomethane, biofertilizer (digestate) and biological green CO 2.


The network is working on the development of an industrial greenhouse that uses 80 % less

water and energy than traditional greenhouses, based on the concept of the pilot

greenhouse at The Magic Factory. A smaller version of the greenhouse concept will also be developed - for urban farming purposes. Other projects under development are soil improving products such as bio fertilizers and biochar.

The partners in the network are:

  • Reklima AS

  • Aqwa AS

  • BBBL Solutions AS

  • Greve Biogass AS

  • Lindum AS

  • Noranergy AS

  • N2 applied AS

  • Scanship AS

  • SmartTekEnergi AS

  • Vesar AS

The network is co-funded by Innovasjon Norge.

Contact information:

Ivar Hagemoen, general manager Reklima, or Tina Wågønes, general manager No Waste!,