The challenge

A growing population puts pressure on our natural resources and causes an increased emission of greenhouse gases. To ensure a sustainable economic growth for future generations, we need to switch from a linear to a circular economy. This entails preventing waste by reusing or recycling products and materials to minimise residues that must be burned or disposed on landfills.

The potential

Industries will be transformed by the transition to a circular economy and ambitious climate and environmental goals. They need to comply with stricter governmental regulations and customer requirements. No Waste! sees this as an opportunity to develop new products, services and business models that can provide companies with green growth and competitiveness. This is also in accordance with “The European Green Deal” launched in December 2019, a new growth strategy for making the EU´s economy sustainable.

“No Waste!”

No Waste! aims to be an attractive collaboration and innovation arena for the transition to a circular economy. Our vision is no waste and a carbon neutral society.

Our focus areas are primarily within the biological cycle of the circular economy – recycling bio-resources and organic waste. These are valuable resources in the production of food and plants, pharmaceutical products, biofuel and other bio-based products such as chemicals and bioplastics. Some fractions we are working with today, are: Organic waste (household and commercial), organic side-streams from the industry, sludge (from households), organic waste from gardens and agriculture, livestock manure, waste wood, maritime waste and plastics.

The prerequisite for a green growth is the availability of enough resources. Therefore the cluster has a target of increasing the material recycling rate of organic waste in Norway to 60 % within 2030.

UNs sustainability goal No. 17 – Partnerships for the goals – is another prerequisite for achieving our ambitions. In addition, we are especially committed to these UN sustainability goals:

  • No.9 – Industry innovation and infrastructure
  • No.12 – Responsible consumption and production
  • No. 13. – Climate action

National position and regional business development

No Waste! is a national business cluster creating green growth by the transition to a circular economy. Our members are a mix of private and public companies, research institutions and universities, business incubators and municipalities, with the majority located around the Oslofjord region. By stimulating collaboration and prerequisites for green growth and competitiveness, we aim to create new jobs and attract new green businesses to our region.

What does a circular economy entail?

This video from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation explains in an easy manner what the term means: