On the rof At “The Magic Factory”, the biogas plant in Tønsberg

At “The Magic Factory”, the biogas plant in Tønsberg, food waste and livestock manure is transformed into biogas, biofertilizer and CO2.

The biogas is used for fueling the trucks collecting the food waste and the livestock manure for the plant. COfrom the plant is planned to be used together with the biofertilizer in an industry scale greenhouse for local food production. The ambition is to be a global pioneer plant for circular economy and green carbon capture. A pilot greenhouse for producing sustainable vegetables is now operative, and the tomatoes produced here are available in some local stores. Partners in this project are VESAR and Greve Biogass, Lindum, Grønt Skifte, Sintef and USN. Project Manager: Bjørnar Bjelland

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